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3 fold Pamphlet/Brochure which continues in ADAPT 36.

First panel:

ADAPT Free Our People Logo

A guide to Disability Rights Landmarks in Denver

Although the disability rights movement still has a long way to go in achieving full equality, it can boast many victories. Denver’s spirited activists lent momentum to the disability rights movement and led to many triumphs. This brochure provides a guide to some landmarks... proving that the longest march can be won —- ramp by ramp!

Bus-Blocking Plaque
SE Corner, Broadway & Colfax

The plaque on this corner celebrates the nineteen disabled activists who blocked inaccessible buses overnight on July 5, 1978. This began the campaign for lifts on Denver's public buses. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) made the commitment to full access in June, 1983. All buses in Denver are now lift-equipped and useable by everyone, including
people with disabilities. This struggle for civil rights culminated in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in July, 1990.

Second panel:

Where it all began...
the former Heritage House
West 1st Ave. & Sheridan

The nursing home at 5301 West First Avenue was the former residence of the founding members of the Atlantis Community and ADAPT. ln 1975, when they attempted an “exodus” to live independently in their own homes,
they found that Colorado would not provide any personal attendant services outside an institutional setting. The people of Atlantis went to the state legislature to demand provision of in-home services, thus beginning the independent living movement in Colorado. Atlantis became the second independent living center in the country.

The former nursing home inmates sued Heritage House for mistreatment and denial of civil rights (Smith vs. O’Halloran). After a 12 year court fight, a settlement was reached, awarding thirty disabled individuals a
total of $3.2 million. With this victory, federal Medicaid officials were forced to design minimum standards of care and services for residents of nursing homes — the OBRA Act. The beginning of the Atlantis Community was dramatized in the 1990 ABC-TV movie, “When You Remember Me."

Your tax-deductible donations are welcome, and go to the advancement of civil right for people with disabilities. For more information please contact the Atlantis/ADAPT office.

Third panel:

Atlantis/ADAPT (American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today) 201
S. Cherokee - Denver, Colorado 80223 303-733-9324

The Atlantis/ADAPT office now serves as both an independent living center and a national training center for disability rights activists. ln 1975, when Atlantis was founded, there was no office — only a dream that all
people had the right to live free from institutions.

Atlantis, an independent living center, provides personal attendant services and other supports necessary to enable people with all types of severe disabilities to live, work and play in their community.

ADAPT, a national grass-roots disability rights movement, was founded in 1983. ADAPT led and won the national fight for wheelchair accessible public transportation. On July 26, 1990, lift-equipped buses became mandatory when President Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA), the world's first comprehensive civil rights bill for people with disabilities.

ADAPT now leads the campaign for a national program of attendant services and for the demise of the nursing home industry. ADAPT believes that with in-home assistance, no one needs to live in a nursing home.

Visitors to the office can read news clippings, watch videos of ADAPT, learn about disability rights history and strategy, and consult with the staff and volunteers who have forged Denver into THE NATION'S MOST ACCESSIBLE CITY! Call 303-733-9324 or FAX 303-733-6211. TDD users call 303-733-0047

[Brochure continues in ADAPT 36 with map and more highlights]