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1 week advance reservation 100% lift equipped 24 hour advanced reservation 3% cap 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals 43 million 504 Access Institute accessible accessible transit ADA ADAPT ADAPT - American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit ADAPT - American Disabled for Accessible Public Transportation ADAPT - American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today ADAPT 1989 ADAPT flag ADAPT no steps logo AIDS Albert Engelken apartments appeal APTA APTA - American Public Transit Association APTA convention APTA suit arrest arrested arrests Arthur Campbell articulated buses Atlanta Atlantis Atlantis Community attendant services attendants Atty General Thornburgh Beverly Furnice Bill Bolte blocking blocking a bus blocking buses Board Meeting Bob Conrad Bob Kafka Bonaventure Hotel bus bus purchase buses buses with lifts Bush Administration California Cassie James chains Chicago Chris Hronis civil disobedience civil rights Claude Holcomb Colorado Colorado Springs Congresswoman Pat Schroeder cost court crawl curb cuts Dallas deaf demonstration Denver Denver RTD Detroit dial-a-ride Diane Coleman disability disability rights movement discrimination DOT DOT - Dept of Transportation DOT regulations DOT Secretary Skinner Dr. Henry Foley DREDF - Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund Edith Harris education El Paso ET Ernest Taylor fall 1989 Frank Lozano Frank McColm funding George Cooper George Florum George Roberts Georgia Glenn Kopp Governor Richard Lamm Greyhound HAIL - Holistic Approaches to Independent Living handcuffed Handi-Ride handicapped Hartford Health Care Association Heritage House HEW - Health Education and Welfare Dept. House Minority Leader Bob Michel House Speaker Tom Foley I King Jordan inaccessible inaccessible buses independent living Ingo Antonitsch Jack Gilstrap jail Jennifer Keelan Jerry Eubanks Jim Parker Joe Carle John Holland Joni Wilkens Julie Farrar Justin Dart Jr. Ken Heard LA Kimball Larry Ruiz Las Casitas Housing lawsuit lift-equipped lifts on all NEW buses lifts on NEW buses Lillibeth Navarro local option Lonnie Smith Los Angeles maintenance march Mark Johnson Mayor Federico Pena Mayor McNichols Mayor's Commission on the Disabled McDonalds Medicaid Mike Auberger Mike Ervin Mike Smith militant Morehouse College National Disability Action Center Nugget Casino nursing home nursing homes paratransit Paulette Patterson PCEPD - President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities Philadelphia picketing police police barricades President George HW Bush President Jimmy Carter President Reagan protest protesters protests public transit redirect 25% Rehabilitation Act of 1973 - section 504 Reno/Sparks Rep. Pat Schroeder resolution Richard B Russell Federal Building Rick James Rotunda RTD Russell Federal Building San Antonio San Francisco Secretary Elizabeth Dole Secretary Louis Sullivan segregation separate but equal sit-in Stephanie Thomas Tim Cook Tom Olin UMTA UMTA - Urban Mass Transit Admin. US Capitol VIA Wade Blank Washington DC Washoe County Wayne Cook wheelchair wheelchair accessible buses wheelchair bound wheelchair lifts wheelchairs work